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Roadworthy Certification

For a precise and detailed vehicle roadworthy checklists; caravan roadworthy checklists; motorcycle roadworthy checklists and trailer roadworthy checklists, please contact your nearest Global Vehicle Testing branch. We have branches 'everywhere', ensuring that you're always covered!

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Multi-Point Checks

Whether you are a Seller or a Buyer of a used vehicle, our Multi-Point Check is the one inspection service you must have. With a Multi Point Check, a prospective buyer can purchase a vehicle with confidence, knowing what the condition of the vehicle has been checked by Global Vehicle Testing.

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VeriDot Micro dotting

Microdot Technology is a process of spraying thousands of microscopic dots onto vehicles in order to provide a unique identification. Each Microdot carries this unique identification which is registered to the owner, but is not visible to the naked eye. It is used in an attempt to combat car theft and has also been used in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

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What you should know

Global Vehicle Testing has a strong vision and robust values for the business

Did you know that our Roadworthy Tests only take 20min - 30min

Bring your ID or Drivers License, and the License Disc or Vehicle Papers

We have over 17 Branches! Click the icon to find a Branch near you

Dealership Interests

Partnering with Global Vehicle Testing assures the roadworthyness of dealer cars before sale

Grade A

We have a total of 8 Grade-A stations

- Motor Cycles
- Passanger Vehicles
- Minibusesses
- L.C.V -3500 KG
- H.C.V +3500 KG
- Trailers -3500 KG
- Trailers +3500 KG
- Busses

Grade B

We have a total of 9 Grade-A stations

- Motor Cycles
- Passanger Vehicles
- Minibusesses
- L.C.V -3500 KG
- Trailers -3500 KG

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• Branches in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North West

• 150 Staff Members

• Strong affiliation to SGS Worldwide

• Conducts both "A" and "B" grade vehicle tests

• 100 000+ combined tests per annum

• Affiliated to RMI, NITSA, CITA and MIOSA

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Monday to Friday: 07:30 AM - 16:00 PM

Saturdays: 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Tel: (+27) 11 783 7830