About us

Global Vehicle Testing has a strong vision and robust values for the business. We support these with simple value measures and key performance indicators that we track to give a clear indication of our progress. By making our targets clear, we believe we have a framework that will help us deliver long-term improvements for the benefit of our customers and ourselves.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a leading choice service provider in the South African automotive industry. Our mission is to reach the Group's widely dispersed customers on a daily basis, and to provide trusting consumers with quality products through our extensive network.

Our Strategy

Our corporate strategy is to build onto existing competencies within the Global, and to establish a culture of exceptional performance with a view to set a platform for future market expansion.

Key to all its activities is that our staff and their continuous training and exposure to innovative idead and services.

Our Guarantee

At Global, a roadworthy is far more than just the certificate that we print - it goes much deeper. The saving of human life is at the core of every Global Roadworthy Certificate. Global Vehicle Testing Roadworthy is your company's proof of quality and national standards of testing.
Global is your peace of mind that your vehicle has passed the most stringent of roadworthy tests.

100% Percent Black Owned


70% Black Employees


26% Black Female Vehicle Examiners and Managers


BBBEE Certified Status - Level1 100% Contributor


√ 17 Branches in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North West
√ 150 Staff Members
√ Strong affiliation to SGS Worldwide
√ Conducts both "A" and "B" grade vehicle tests
√ 100 000+ combined tests per annum
√ Affiliated to RMI, NITSA, CITA and MIOSA

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